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Bearcreek location no longer open. Please visit the Billings store.

Comfort Care Cannabliss Co. - “C4”

Montana’s Finest Product – Located at 1431 Old Hardin Rd., Billings, Mt.  59007
Open ALWAYS 9:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. 7 days a week!!


Stop in and experience a truly unique, comfortable, open atmosphere
with knowledgeable staff ready to assist with all your cannabis needs.

It's time to experience the cannabis.

Comfort Care Cannabliss Company is the best recreational /medical marijuana dispensary in Billings Montana, serving premium quality product. All our marijuana products are made in-house from plant to shelf. Our bud is organically grown and hand-trimmed for better cannabis. The owners of C4 are true smokers and extra effort is given to ensure great “Get-high”. This is not big corporate outdoor shit-turd weed.

Our marijuana products are exclusively at C4.

At C4 marijuana dispensary, we grow, process, and craft ALL of our affordable and enjoyable cannabis products in-house in Bearcreek, Montana. Whether you are looking for top-shelf flower, edibles, vapes, or concentrates we’ve got it all. We also carry amazing glass and smoking accessories.

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These cats grow the stickiest buds available. It’s not just the sticky icky, it’s the stickiest of the ickiest. Homegrown has different connotations for different people, but legit homegrown buds from legit growers are better than almost all dispensary buds out there. IYKTYK. These guys grow like legit home growers who usually only grow small batches. Phenomenal quality.

Great store, nice vibes, knowledgeable staff they even gave me two free shirts with my purchase, definitely coming back....

They got some real gas over there!! Best bud I’ve had in almost every legal state and none have got close to price and quality. I don’t really buy from dispensaries because I grow my own.. I find myself get dressed at the moment to scurry on down to C4 😂

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Stop into the shop! We serve premium quality cannabis products to the people of Billings and surrounding areas.

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